The gift of life - the AED Locations App
23 December 2020
The gift of life - the AED Locations App
This Christmas we are giving our clients and their communities the gift of life by supporting AED Locations with a donation and with promotion of their initiative.
Did you know that use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) can increase the chance of heart attack survival by up to 80%?  The free AED Locations app makes it easier to find an AED when you need one and that means more lives saved, right here in Aotearoa New Zealand.
Booking Rooster are pleased to support trained paramedic and CPR educator Gareth Jenkin in his personal mission to improve access to AED’s - sharing community resources to save lives. You can get in behind the initiative too:
  • If you don’t have the AED locator app already, download it now. It may help you save a life.
  • Share this message by encouraging your team and your clients to download the app too.
  • If you have an AED at your premises and don’t find it listed on the app, add it yourself now using this link.
  • If you don’t already have a green AED locations sticker, email to purchase one (or, if you are a Booking Rooster client, request one free from
  • Remember to check the battery expiry date on your AED.  The AED Locations community have reported delivery delays for replacements due to the 2020 freight disruption.
  • If you have an AED located indoors, consider doing the right thing for your community by moving it to a secure outdoor cabinet.  You can give the combination lock code to your local Ambulance Service and they will provide it to people calling 111 in an emergency. 
The AED Locations service is a purely philanthropic project. Gareth has poured hours of his personal time and his personal resources into the project, even spending his holidays searching for AED’s around New Zealand.  His only reward is the satisfaction of knowing he has made a very real contribution to the health and safety of fellow kiwis.  You can find out more about his good works here.
There are now over 12,000 AED locations on the App which is available for Android and Iphone via the normal app stores. The simple act of downloading the app gives you 12,000 more opportunities to save a life.  Tēnā koe Gareth.  Meri Kirihimete to the Booking Rooster community. We wish you a safe and happy Christmas.