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Training & event management software

Take people with you as your organisation moves forward.  This people-centric software saves time, significantly reduces admin costs and boosts registrations.  

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Start with a free, obligation-free process mapping session.

You and your team will enjoy a fast-paced session with an experienced business facilitator to effortlessly uncover your best go-forward opportunities. The result is a clear customer journey map, administration process map, and session outcomes summary. Use it to make your own choices about what solutions will add the most value to your business.  

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Proven power to propel organisations forward


Get the word out and the responses in fast


What's on your home page

Users scroll or search your listings to see what's on, then just click to view, book & pay.



Get the word out and responses in fast with e-invites, e-reminders & social media links. 


Target marketing

Tag, group and store contacts in the system or integrate with your own CRM.


Promo tools

Boost response with early-bird, group or other discounts, banner adverts and mail labels.


Privacy options

Publish listings on the site or send private links to events to very special people.



Your dashboard shows total bookings, revenue and response rate at a glance.

NOW MailChimp integrated

Booking Administration

Save time and reduce your cost per BOOKING


Easy on-line booking

People click to book from your home page listing, their e-invite or a social media link.


Simple offline booking

Administrators can add phone or email bookings manually or by bulk csv upload.


Payment options

Accept credit card, cash, cheque, internet banking, or limit the options to suit.



See total bookings, revenue and response rate at a glance on your dashboard.



Your site, e-invites & forms default to your brand - just use 'themes' to create a special look.


Labels & lists

You can easily print name labels, attendee lists, special dietary or access needs & more.


Financial Control

No agency fees, no cash-flow delay, less risk


Payment options

Accept credit card, cash, cheque and internet payments or limit options to suit the event. Control your cashflow so it doesn't control you.


Cash, cheques & deposits

Some systems can’t cope with cash, cheque or internet banking. The Rooster can.


Credit card processing

Your site is linked to your own merchant account, reducing fees or risk. Merchant account options are DPS Payment Express, ANZ eGate, Paymark, eWay, Stripe, Braintree and PayPal.


Invoicing & receipting

Optional automatic invoicing and receipting.




Customer experience

The website your customers will thank you for


Booking with a login

Your contacts can set up a login in a jiffy - even quicker if you pre-added them.


Track attendance history

People with a login see their current & past bookings.  It's great for tracking training hours.


Booking as a casual user

Those who are too hurried to create a login can make a casual booking.


Personal profile

Users update their own contact details. Your CRM manager can even be alerted of updates.


Target reminders

You can send ‘see you there’ emails to people with bookings and 'book now' reminders to others.


Booking on behalf

Each user has a personal contact list to make booking for friends, family or colleagues faster.