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Training management software

Take people with you as your organisation moves forward. This people-centric software saves time, significantly reduces admin costs and boosts registrations.  

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Start with a free, obligation-free process mapping session.

You and your team will enjoy a session with an experienced business facilitator to effortlessly uncover your best go-forward opportunities. The result is a clear customer journey map, administration process map, and session outcomes summary. Use it to make your own choices about what solutions will add the most value to your business.  

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The kiwi course management software that has powered training organisations and corporates since 2010

Booking Rooster for training

Key reasons people choose Booking Rooster


Your brand

The software is delivered in your brand and easily connected to your website for a seamless course booking experience.


Automation saves time

Enjoy automated confirmation, invoicing, course-day reminders and renewal reminders. 


Expert assistance is part of the package

That means your software is set to your own needs and help is at hand when you want do new things or make changes.


Keep it personal

Your key client's special discounts, payment terms, payment methods and other privileges can be auto-applied as they book - no messy voucher codes.


Manage Public & private courses

Manage public and private courses from the software with ease.


Real-time reporting

Track bookings, course occupancy, learning outcomes and more using the reports module. Also see key data on the dashboard. 

All service plans cover unlimited:

administrators, administrator support, trainers, contacts, students and registrations

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Course Administration Advantages

Save time and reduce your cost per enrolment



People can see your public courses online and book places. They auto sell-out when fully booked. You can also email people a link to a private course so they can book themselves or their team.  


Simple offline booking

Administrators can add phone or email bookings manually or by bulk csv upload.


You choose how people pay

You can enable payment by debit or credit card, recurring payment or internet banking. These can be changed by course and even set to allow your accountholders to pay on account while others are limited to immediate payment or strict due date.


Unsurpassed trainer tools

Courses can be auto-added to trainers calenders. They can also see the class list, record attendance  and learning outcomes quickly on any smart device via the trainer portal. 



Generate cerficates for the attendees met the standard automatically. Administrators simply check, approve and email these to the individuals or as a batch. Its also quick to find and re-send certifcates for those who have lost them.


Records and Reports

Your training records are safely stored, very easily retrieved and quickly reported.

Request a process mapping session and discover how much time you could save!

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Advantages your accountant will love

Maximum financial control, minimum cash-flow delay


You choose who gets invoiced when

Invoicing at the time of booking enhances cash-flow, but is not right for everyone. You can choose whether invoices are sent at the time of booking or on course date. You can also set different rules for different customers - perhaps invoicing key customers on course date for payment 20th of the month and invoicing everyone else immediately with payment due before the course. You also choose how cancellations, transfer, credits and refunds are managed in your organisation.


What sets our Xero Integration apart

It is one thing to pass invoices to Xero. It is another to have an integration that really works for your accountant. Our business development specialist can walk them through the very special Booking Rooster advantages. If you use other accounting systems the project team can apply their knowledge of accounting integration to speed your custom integration.


Multi-branch & multi-division options.

Do you run multiple related branches or separate divisions? Your head office team can maintain visibility & control of the entire business while limiting each branch or division to its own operation. This really comes into its own if you have more than one company (e.g  NZ, AU etc), run your business on a franchise model or are a People & Capability team with complex needs.


No surprises promise

With Booking Rooster you choose the service plan that's right for you. All plans include unlimited administrator support. If your team request extra chargeable services they are always quoted before delivery.



No registration fees, no extra fee per administrator, trainer or user. Simply pay a simple flat-rate fee for the services you need.

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Enhanced customer experience and communication

Communication tools that keep it personal 


Password options

People who register for your courses have the option of signing up or going password-free. Signed up users have extra tools for super fast booking. This is very powerful for Office Managers, Managers and PA's who regularly book their team into training.


Display attendance history

Those with a password can see their own booking history and download reports. This feature is popular with corporate bookers for easy download of training reports.


Self-building booker & trainee database

When you join Booking Rooster your existing  database can be uploaded to your software for both administration and marketing efficiency. From there, your database builds as people register for courses. Bookers can be auto-added to marketing or communications groups by region, course type, qualification or other criteria. The software has much of the power of a CRM or SMS, and can also be integrated with all good online systems.


Documents can be uploaded any time

You can ask people to upload documents like photo ID or proof of pre-requistes as they register, have your administators or trainers add them later, or a combination of both.


Targetted pre-course & refresher reminders.

To maximise attendance and minimise no-shows there are up to 3 automated yet very personalised pre-course reminders sent by email, SMS or both. You can also send refresher reminders for enhanced service & marketing. The option to email all people on courses in a date range came in handy over the lock-down era and comes into its own when you have other sudden changes to communicate to everyone on upcoming courses.


Marketing & communications tools for extra power

The email and text marketing tools give you more power than can be packed into a sentance. Our digital alchemist will help you learn how to  promote individual courses, all courses or a specific range of courses to your targetted audience.


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