Booking Rooster Takes Flight
1 October 2010
Booking Rooster Takes Flight

Three years of hard work paid off for the Booking Rooster team when the first Booking Rooster Events website was delivered into the loving arms of its first corporate client, Zespri International this month.

Booking Rooster Director, Moira Moroney, says the business was born out of frustration with existing booking options.  “We travel a lot on business and would receive invitations that needed us to print, scan and return a registration form.  That isn’t possible when you’re on the road, so you simply miss a lot of events you would have liked to register for.”

“If you did get organised enough to register, you’d then get an email reminder that read as if you hadn’t booked at all, which sent you into a spin, wondering if you’d booked or not.”

Design of the Booking Rooster system was initially focused on the experience of the person booking the event, but research with event managers quickly showed the need for a lot more back-end functionality.  “They really helped us focus on time-saving features.”