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10 key reasons training businesses choose Booking Rooster

For their public and private training services - in-person, online and blended 

  1. To streamline processes and save administration time

  2. To boost course registrations

  3. So customers can book online while administrators can still add phone & email bookings

  4. To reduce double handling - editable student records are created directly from bookings

  5. So trainers can access their class list online or in hard-copy, mark the roll and record learning outcomes

  6. To minimise no-shows through timely, relevant, effective automated pre-course reminders

  7. So public and private courses are easily managed in one system

  8. So certificates can be auto-generated and emailed quickly after each course

  9. So training records are stored secured and retrieved quickly

  10. To free administrators up to work on the things that can't be automated.




10 key reasons People & Capability teams choose Booking Rooster

for their internal induction & training programmes - in-person, online and blended

  1. To streamline processes and save administration time

  2. To manage communication, bookings and record keeping for in-person, online and blended learning

  3. To quickly and reliably communicate training dates to those that need them

  4. To minimise through timely, relevent, effective automated pre-course reminders

  5. So internal & external trainers can see their own class list online - without accessing any data they don't need.

  6. So trainers can mark attendance and learning outcomes in real-time

  7. So the admin team can see that same data instantly for health & safety, monitoring and more

  8. So  training records are securely stored and always at the administrators fingertips

  9. To collect and analyse student feedback on all courses and facilitators without data-processing

  10. To free administrators up to work on things that can't be automated.


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