How Vertical Horizonz gains brand advantage
13 October 2016
How Vertical Horizonz gains brand advantage

In this article, the third in a series on how Vertical Horizonz recouped its Booking Rooster investment in less than six months, we focus on brand advantages.


When Vertical Horizonz Sales & Marketing Manager, Ben Johnstone was asked how the site helped elevate their brand, we expected him to mention that course listings were dressed in his brand.  He went much further. 

“It adds to our professionalism,” he said instantly.  “Our clients get instantaneous services now.  They can book any time and get an instant confirmation and invoice.”


Quick service is not always good service, and Ben is also quick to point out that a key advantage for the company is that the system is robust.  “Other providers don’t have the same robust system for managing open course bookings as we do.”  That’s a real competitive advantage for Vertical Horizonz.

One key to success for Vertical Horizonz is that they pay a lot of attention to the structure of their courses, so quality is maintained, across all courses. 

“Having well-structured courses is especially important when you offer the level of flexibility we do.  Our courses can be adapted to suit the tools or procedures of a particular employer, without compromising the quality of the outcome or its ability to meet qualification standards.”

Ben enjoys knowing that his well-structured yet flexible courses are offered through a well-structured yet flexible system. 


The company has leveraged off the system by making it available to channel partners.  “One way we do this is by sending partners a course link and a special discount code for their members.  They just forward the email and the discount code.”  It is now much easier for partners to spread the word about Vertical Horizonz courses.

The company’s partnership approach has been very evident throughout their journey with the Booking Rooster. 

Booking Rooster co-founder Moira Moroney says the Vertical Horizonz team are very innovative and are a major contributor of ideas for continuous improvement of the system.  “They share ideas and help us deliver even more time saving advantages.” 

All Booking Rooster clients benefit from these developments as core system upgrades are provided free to current Booking Rooster clients.