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For Events

5 key reasons Event Managers choose Booking Rooster 

The faster, easier way to gather a crowd....

  1. Once-only data entry means less work and less risk of error - Enter event details once.  They show on your home page, e-invites and booking page.  To run it again just hit "duplicate", then change things like date and venue.

  2. Clever e-invite tools help you drive attendance up – You can create an event listing and be taking booking in minutes.  Then, boost response with e-invites to individuals or target groups - like people who came last year.

  3. Auto invoicing & receipting reduces admin time - Invoices can be auto-issued, credit card payments are auto-receipted and other payments can be receipted too.   Integrate with your accounting system to save more time.

  4. Your attendance lists self-generate so there’s no more messy spreadsheets - Print name badges, attendee lists, special requirements lists and more in just a few clicks. Add the registration app to scan tickets at the door.

  5. Attendees enter their own details saving time and embarrassment – Your contacts enter their own details as they book, so you don't risk spelling their name wrong or using their formal name when they like a nick-name.


Running small business or charity events?

Check out Events Pronto by Booking Rooster

See the entry level options on the Events Pronto Platform.


Running Conferences, a large charity or events business?

Contact us to find out whether you need Events Pronto or the full power of the Booking Rooster

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