Accounting system integration underway
9 July 2015

The Rooster has long dreamed of integrating his online booking system with an online accounting system, so the chance to integrate with Xero seems like a dream come true.

"Xero integration has been on our development list since early days but wasn't scheduled until 2016," says co-creator, Moira Moroney.  "Then we got a call from a customer who was moving to Xero urgently, so we decided to move urgently too."

The benefits of integration are huge, especially for those that sell a lot of tickets and have rigorous reconciliation processes.  "Like with all our developments, this is about saving time and making things easier."

"Xero integration will be optional extra, but the development will pay dividends for all customers and pave the way for integration with other online accounting systems." 

While event and training administrators have the option of making tickets 'non-refundable', most Booking Rooster clients actually choose to credit tickets when people cancel.  "As part of getting ready to integrate the option to either refund paid tickets or credit unpaid ones will be introduced."