Now you can collect more contact details when booking
26 August 2016
Now you can collect more contact details when booking

One common draw-back of online event booking and student enrolment systems is that they allow organisers to collect details for the person making the booking but not for everyone who will be attending. 

Rooster powered booking systems have always enabled you to collect the name and organisation of all attendees at the time of booking, and encouraged the booker to note things like special dietary requirements or access needs.  But, Rooster clients wanted more.

“Our training sector clients need this most,” says Booking Rooster Commercial Director, Moira Moroney.  “They want to send course-day reminders direct to the participants, rather than just to the person who made the booking.  They also want to send reminders direct to trainees who are due for annual refresher courses or the next stage of a multi-level course.

The July 2016 release of the Booking Rooster system gives organisers the ability to specify what student or event attendee information is collected at the time of registration.  New options include the attendees date of birth, email address and mobile phone number.  The mobile phone option paves the way a text reminder service, which is also in hot demand in the training sector.

So will everyone who books need to add extra details?  Absolutely not.  Event managers and training co-ordinators set the required registration form questions when they create an event or course in their Rooster powered system, and the answers flow through into the reports.

“The new registration form means you can set up appropriate registration forms very quickly.  If you just ask the name and contact details for the person making the booking most people will be able to register in under a minute.  If you ask phone and email details for everyone they register, booking will take longer, but you have a lot more administrative and marketing power.”