User Experience Matters
31 May 2016
User Experience Matters

How easy is it for people to book for your events or courses?  A recent study gave Booking Rooster a great user experience rating, and we’re not stopping there.

One hundred and sixty-eight people took part in the study held at Ultra Fast Fibre’s Beyond Broadband Exhibitions in Tauranga and Hamilton earlier this year.  Visitors were asked to book themselves into a fictional event and rate the ease of booking.

The system achieved a rating of over 6.5/7.  The event wasn’t all about ratings.   It was also about taking a deep dive into user experience and spotting ways to make booking even easier.  

“For example, some people hesitated when entering their phone numaber and were wondering whether to include the leading zero in the area code,” says Commercial Director Moira Moroney.  “In our next upgrade you’ll see this addressed, along with a raft of other small tweaks to enhance the booking experience.”

If you’re thinking that visitors to Beyond Broadband were all young computer geeks, think again.  The study was only open to people aged sixteen or over. Participation of people aged 16-70 was in direct proportion to their portion of the population.  People over 70 were under represented, but not completely absent from the sample, with 5% of participants being over 70.

Females were over-represented (63%).  The jury is still out on whether this is a study bias or reflects actual booking behaviour.