5 tips from event bloggers for boosting attendance with email reminders
30 November 2015
5 tips from event bloggers for boosting attendance with email reminders

If you watch the events blogging community or trawl the internet for event management advice, you’ll see email reminders feature heavily in the top tips to boost attendance.   Here’s some e-reminder advice rounded up from cyberspace:

  1. Don’t be afraid to send reminders.  Blogger Sarah Hill sums up why when she says ‘you won’t convert everyone you contact the first time.’
  2. Chad White from Salesforce Marketing Cloud recommends you ‘address the journey’ in reminder emails.  That means sending different reminders to those who have registered than those who have not, and remembering to send follow-up emails during and after the event.
  3. Many industry professionals recommend ‘reserve the date’ emails early, and increasing the pace of communication as event day approaches.  On the topic of the build -up, Jeff Kerr says an industry rule of thumb is to send reminders 14 days, 7 days, 3 days and 1 day before an event.
  4. If you’re running the same event in multiple locations, divide your contact list geographically and mention their town or region in the subject line.  Justine Jordan of Litmus says they increased open rates by 209% by regionalising subject lines.
  5. Want a simple way to grow your contact base?  Why not encourage your contacts to bring a guest, as Daniel Fortin of DNZ Events and Logistics suggests.

We also particularly like the advice of events blogger Veronica Taylor who recommends you use an automated solution so you ‘don’t drive yourself crazy trying to manually invite and keep track of guests.’   The Booking Rooster platform is an automated solution designed to make e-marketing and administration over-easy for event and training professionals, so we are big advocates of good automated solutions.